Jio Cricket Play Along App APK download and win prizes

Jio Cricket Play Along App APK download and win prizes

IPL 2018 is here and every single day we can watch our favorite team play and win. But what about the fan, do they get to win anything? Yes, you can win too, and you can win money as well. With Jio cricket play along, now you have got the chance to enjoy the match as well as a win too.

What is Jio Cricket Play Along?

Jio cricket play along is a program launched by jio, where anyone can play and win prizes. So when someone wins the man of the matches and money, you can stay assured that you have won as well. Its simple game where you need to answer some question, and you get to win prizes.

How to Download Jio Cricket Play Along App?

To play the Jio cricket play along, you don’t need any extra application, you just need to follow the detail below.

  • Open your MyJio app on your phone
  • If you don’t have MyJio app than download the MyJio app and sign in with your jio number to play Jio cricket play along.
  • Now when you open the app, you will find a banner that says play Jio play along.
  • Once you open that, you need to enter your Jio number and you will get an OTP, once you enter the OTP you need to enter the reference code
  • Here is the reference code: Hk0soxdN
  • Once you enter the referral code, you can now play the Jio cricket play along

How to play Jio Cricket play along?

Jio cricket play along is a simple game. All you need to do is open the Jio cricket play along menu when a match is begun and start answering questions. With every right answer, you will get the point. There will be 40 questions and also powerplay options as well. In power play question, with every right answer, you get to earn 3 times more points.

What is Jio Cricket Play Along invite code?

Invite code or referral code are the same. From which you can use the Jio cricket play along on your mobile. You will be needed that to open an account in it. we already mention one invite code above, here is the Jio cricket play along invite code for you: Hk0soxdN

Can Non-Jio customers participate in Jio IPL?

Right now, there are no options to play Jio Cricket Play Along with another mobile number. You need a jio number on your phone to use this service and game. Jio Cricket Play Along only works on jio number and not any other network operator.

How to Redeem Jio Cricket Play Along Points?

You can redeem Jio Cricket Play Along points directly from the dashboard. You just need to visit my winning for your MY jio app and you can redeem all your points with Jio Cricket Play Along.

We hope this article would help you understand more about Jio Cricket Play Along. If you have any more questions, do let us know in the comments.