How to Resolve or Fix Jio Phone 1500 Hanging Problem – Reset JioPhone

How to Resolve or Fix Jio Phone 1500 Hanging Problem – Reset JioPhone

Topics we are going to cover in this article: Fix Jio Phone 1500 Hanging Problem, Hard Reset Jio Phone, jio phone hanging issue.

When jio announced their new Phone which is just 1500rs and it would be free, we know that it’s going to be big hits. When they launched the phone, it was sold off in a matter of minutes. Millions of people bought that phone. Now it was well build to last long but once in while it got some hanging problem. Here we will explain how to fix Jio Phone hanging problem?

Fixing the Jio Phone hanging issue

When the phone came out, it got a good review by the user, but soon user would face issue with Jio phone. It was frozen in the middle of the call or work and no one knows how to solve this issue. Here is step by step guide to solve the Jio Phone 1500 hanging issue.

How to solve Jio phone hanging issue?

  • Every phone has one issue of hanging on the phone, it’s because of the too much space was occupied by junk file. Now Jio phone won’t has any external app to clear all the waste file, you need to take care it by clearing cookies and catch file, log file, and
  • Do not open multiple tabs at once. Most phones have that problem. Opening multiple tabs in your browser will slow the phone and eventually If you complete the work in one tab, then close the tab and then open a new one.
  • Do not open the multiple Because so many apps are open, your memory will be busy and won’t function well.
  • Always install the application in external memory like SD card, have some space in the internal

How to Hard reset the Jio Phone ?

We are going to explain how you can hard reset your Jio phone so it could work properly, there are few things we need to take care of first before we go to the hard reset part.

  • Storage and memory

You need to check your storage and know how much memory is left in the internal memory. You need to clear out more space by uninstalling apps or moving pictures or music to the SD card.

Then you need to check your memory, you will have 500MB of RAM space in your Jio Phone, you need to check how much memory is occupied and how much is free and free up the memory.

  • Applications

You need to make sure to close down every app which is running. The more app you have running, the more chance of your jio phone to get hanged. You can also close down all the which is running in the background, you can do it by, go to the setting, then in the application, find those apps which you don’t want running, open the app and press on the forced shutdown. That means those apps will not be running automatically until you start them.

  • Reset Your Phone Device

Now you can reset your phone. We have tried to do everything so that we don’t need to do that reset, but if those things won’t work, you can simply reset your Jio Phone by doing this.

  • You need to press and hold, power key and volume key
  • When you see your screen close down, it means the reset is done.
  • You can restart your device and it will work fine.

We hope this article helps you with fixing your Jio Phone hanging issue. If you still have any question, do let us know in the comment.