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Jio Offering Cashback Up to Rs 99 On Recharge Done Via Amazon Pay, Paytm and Flipkart Phonepe.


Disruptive 4G entrant Reliance Jio, which has already taken the telecom industry by storm with its low tariff packages, is now offering a cash back of up to Rs 99 to customers on recharges.

This offer is, however, valid for a recharge above Rs 300 and is a one-time arrangement.

You can avail of this offer by using Amazon, Paytm and Flipkart’s PhonePe. Reliance Jio is currently offering 8 plans above Rs 300 — Rs 309, Rs 349, Rs 399, Rs 509, Rs 999, Rs 1,999, Rs 4,999 and Rs 9,999.

We list out all the cash back offers listed by different payment portals, for you to make a smart decision on which portal offers the best cash back as per your needs.

1) Offers on Flipkart Phonepe:

phone pe

  • Reliance Jio is also offering a cash back of Rs 75 on a recharge of Rs 300 or above with PhonePe.
  • This offer started on August 14, 2017, and you will be able to avail it till August 21, 2017.
  • It should be noted that the offer is valid only one time per Jio account and on a minimum recharge amount of Rs 300.
  • The cashback you get can be used for recharges, bill payments, merchant transactions across PhonePe.

2) Offers on Amazon Pay:

Amazon pay

  • Amazon is offering Rs. 99 cash back on Jio recharge of Rs. 309 and above.
  • This offer is valid from August 14 to August 19 and is only applicable on the first Jio recharge using Amazon Pay.
  • Amazon promises the cash back to arrive in your Amazon Pay account within seven days of recharge. After the first cash back is availed, Amazon Pay is giving additional cashback of up to Rs. 20 on subsequent recharges till November 30.
  • Through all of this, a customer can avail a total of Rs. 300 cash back till November.

3) Offers on Paytm

paytm pay

  • Flat cash back of Rs. 76/- is being offered on a recharge done above Rs. 300/-.
  • Flat cash back of Rs. 15/- offered on a recharge done above Rs. 100/-.
  • To avail the cash back, apply promo code PAYTMJIO while making the payment.

Though the promo code is same for both offers, we think that the amount of cash back applied will differ from the amount of recharge done.

Mukesh Ambani’s JIO 4G feature phone will get lighter WhatsApp.


Will new feature of JIO 4G manage user for 3 Years?


Mukesh Ambani found a way to make a bridge between ultra-affordable phone JIO 4G and smartphones.

Ambani is reportedly in talks with the engineers of WhatsApp for a light-mode version of the popular messaging app for JioPhone, which will make its debut in September.

Why Is It Needed?

The JIO’s main point is of selling with an attractive price and with an affordable monthly plan of Rs. 153/-. But according to JP Morgan report says, it is not enough to keep user tied for 3 years.

The users will get bored with jio 4G phone, all they can do is only calls and some basic internet browsing. JIO want’s a differentiator for their JIO 4G phone so they used WhatsApp in JIO 4G phone.

It will have the first time when feature phones will incorporate the messaging service if the rumored WhatsApp version comes to JioPhone that has earlier exclusive to smartphone users.

With more than 200 million active daily users in India and more than a billion worldwide, WhatsApp could give Ambani’s JioPhone the heft it needs, especially when its competitors are already working on affordable Android-based smart feature phones – Idea’s Rs 2,500 and Intex’s Turbo+ 4G – that can support Facebook and WhatsApp.

Why only WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has become the best messaging app in India today. Even the most basic smartphone user knows enough to be able to send and receive messages and other content via WhatsApp. Mr. Ambani will keep having to turn new tricks a regular interval in order to keep people invested in Jio Phone for 3 long years.

Whether it will happen or not will have to see. The roads ahead for JIO feature phone will be difficult we can’t except the bed of roses for JIO phone.

Reliance JIO Messaging app: JIO Chat

JioChat, Reliance Jio own messaging service app that can have accessed by its 125 million customers. Currently over 200 million Indians and by bringing the service to JioPhone and it can add another 500 million feature phone users that have left out of the digital revolution.

The company has attracted several customers through its attractive it’s interesting data and call packs with the Jio debut in the Indian market in 2016.

WhatsApp also received a UPI license that allows it to start digital payments. Therefore, to entry level users, the feature phones can introduce the payment system.

Data usage per subscriber has risen over 20 fold in the past five years particularly after the roll out of available services by Reliance Jio.

Wrapping Up:

Now the question is will you make 3 years lock in period for JIO 4G phone? I know many of us will say “NO” as a lot of us have a habit of using smartphones but there are people who cannot afford smartphone for them it is a good choice to get the smartphone feature in JIO 4G.

Reliance Jio latest 4G plans for Jio prime members.


Once you become a Jio prime member, you get plenty of exclusive Jio prime plans. The most attractive plan is 309, where you get daily unlimited data, unlimited calls, and SMS.

JIO Latest 4G Prime Member Plans:

Reliance Jio has introduced multiple plans to benefit all type of Jio customers, the lowest plan starts from Rs 149 and goes up to Rs 509.

Plan Data Validity
309 1 GB/day 56 Days
399 1 GB/day 84 Days
509 2 GB/day 56 Days
999 90 GB 90 Days
1999 155 GB 120 Days
4999 380 GB 210 Days
9999 780 GB 399 Days

 Jio 4G Monthly Plans:

  1. Jio Rs 149 Prime Plan: You get 2 GB data, unlimited voice calls, and 100 SMS with 30 days of validity.
  2. Jio Rs 303 Prime Plan: You will get 1 GB data daily with unlimited voice calls, and SMS for 1 month.
  3. Jio Rs 509 Prime Plan: 60 GB data with no daily limit, voice calls up to 30 days.

Jio 4G Prime with No Data Limit Plans:

  1. Jio Rs 999 prime plan: 60 GB of data with 60 days’ validity.
  2. Jio Rs 1999 prime plan: 125 GB of data with 90 days’ validity.
  3. Jio Rs 4999 prime plan: 350 GB of data with 180 days’ validity.

JIO Prime Prepaid Plans:

Jio Prime Plans          Plan details  Validity
 Rs 149 plan  2 GB data monthly + all benefits  30 days
 Rs 309 plan  1 GB data daily + all benefits  56 days
 Rs 399 plan  1 GB data daily + all benefits  84 days
 Rs 509 plan  2 GB data daily + all benefits  56 days
 Rs 999 plan  90 GB data + all benefits  90 days
 Rs 1999 plan  155 GB data + all benefits 120 days
 Rs 4999 plan  380 GB data + all benefits 210 days
 Rs 9999 plan  780 GB data monthly + all benefits 390 days

How to Subscribe JIO Membership?

  1. Open MyJio app on your phone.
  2. Sign in with your Jio number.
  3. Click on recharge option in the home screen.
  4. Now select Jio Prime Membership Subscription.
  5. Pay Rs 99 via JioMoney, Debit Card or Net banking.
  6. You’ll become a Jio Prime member now.

JIO Prime Postpaid Plans:

The above-listed plans will work for Jio prime postpaid users also. You must become a Jio prime user before March 31 to subscribe to above plans.

How to Pre Book JIO Phone Online, Price and Specifications?


Jio Phone

As Jio Phone will be physically available to those who have pre-booked, on a first come first serve basis, it is important to register if you want to buy Jio Phone.

Most of us will have to wait till September to get a unit in our hands. Even then, the actual rush to pre-order the handset will begin on August 24, the date when Jio Phone bookings open. The pre-order process will be available both online and offline, so the rush to book the phone will be across the country.

JIO Phone Features and Specifications:

JioPhone head image

Mukesh Ambani has unveiled the JioPhone at the Reliance Industries Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017. The JioPhone is a 4G VoLTE enabled feature phone. The Reliance Industries Limited chairman called the new JioPhone ‘India ka smartphone’, and it comes loaded with features like expandable SD card slot, 4-way navigation, and more. The feature phone has been a point of much anticipation after leaks and rumors started doing the rounds.

The JioPhone comes with an Alphanumeric keypad and features a headphone jack, microphone, speaker, and supports FM Radio as well. The 4G VoLTE-enabled JioPhone supports all languages, and users can speak to the device via voice commands. The company is giving people an option to browse the Internet on the new JioPhone as well, and it comes pre-loaded with Jio apps. The JioPhone’s effective price is Rs 0. This means, you can buy the phone at Rs 1500, which will be refunded after 3 years. The phone will be sold as first come-first serve basis from September 2017

Price and Data Plans:

  1. Reliance Industries Limited chairman Mukesh Ambani on Friday announced the JioPhone, a 4G VoLTE feature phone which he called ‘India ka Smartphone’.
  2. You can buy the phone at Rs 1500, which will be refunded after 3 years.
  3. The phone is a feature phone, but with a larger screen, access to apps and of course 4G data and 4G VoLTE calls and will effectively cost the customer Rs 0 for the device.
  4. JioPhone users will have to pay just Rs 153 a month, including the cost of the phone. There will be a weekly plan of Rs 54 and a two-day plan of Rs 24 with all the same features.

Availability and Date of Sale:

  1. The phone will be available for beta testing from August 15 and for pre-booking from August 24.
  2. The phones will be available for sale on a first come, first serve basis from the last quarter of 2017. The target is to make 5 million phones available every week.
  3. The JioPhone will always have free voice calls. From August 15, the JioPhone will come with free unlimited data.

Other Things to Know:

  1. The phone will offer an innovative cable link to television to help users view content on a big screen at home. Users will need to buy the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan package of Rs 309 to get the extra data needed for this.
  2. The phone also responds to voice commands, which is unprecedented for a feature phone anywhere in the world.
  3. Jio will be the greatest accelerator of the Bharat-India connectivity, said Mukesh Ambani.
  4. Mukesh Ambani declared 15th August 2017, as ‘DIGITAL FREEDOM’ for all feature phone users with JioPhone.

Step by Step Procedure of How to Book Jio Free Phone Online in Pre-Registration?

  1. Visit Jio Free Phone Official Website jio.com.
  2. Once After Open Registration of phone, Image/ Button will be Displayed on Homepage.
  3. Click on JIO Free Mobile Phone Registration/ Pre Booking Button.
  4. Enter the Details of Phone number and Address, etc credentials.
  5. Fill up the shipping address, phone number, and other details.
  6. Through debit/credit card or Net banking, pay the deposit amount of Rs 1500.
  7. Thus the Jio free mobile will be booked successfully.
  8. For registered users, the mobile will be shipped in stipulated time. Only Delivered on the basis of First Cum First Serve.

Reliance Jio Prime Membership 2017: Offer Price, Subscription Benefits.


Jio prime membership

Jio offers Prime Membership registration at Rs 99/month to put subscribers under ‘Jio Prime Plan’ which enables users to enjoy all existing benefits of ‘Happy New Year offer’ after the end of March 31st, 2017. All the existing offers will be carried forward to the end of March 31st, 2018.

To celebrate 100 million customer’s registration under Jio 4g network, the company announces another market disrupting tariff plan called ‘Jio Prime’ for 4G subscribers.

Jio customers can now register Jio Prime Membership subscription which further enables Jio users to get access to all existing benefits under ‘Happy New Offer’ for another one year.

Jio subscribers can now continue same ‘Happy New Year Offer’ just by paying a small amount worth Rs 99 for 1 year of ‘Jio Prime Membership subscription’. Jio Prime Plan 99 put a user’s under ‘Prime Membership plan ‘, otherwise subscribers will automatically have converted to the general plan and need to opt in any of the existing prepaid or postpaid monthly plans and their add-on packs.

Jio announces to offer dynamic tariff plans which means benefits of Jio tariff plans will keep changing with the change in tariff plans of rivals and, benefits will be much bigger compared to rivals.

What is Jio Prime Membership Subscription?

Nothing but a subscription which puts users under a special plan otherwise subscribers will be converted to General plan.

Eligibility for Jio Prime Plans:

Jio Prime Plan is exclusively available for 100 million subscribers who come under Jio before March 31st, 2017. Existing users can register for the prime plan. New subscribers need to come under Jio before March 31st by porting into Jio or buying new Jio 4g sim.

Price for Jio Plans:

Jio subscribers need to pay a one-time fee of Rs 99 to enter Prime membership plan, and then Rs 303/month for getting prime benefits.

More About Rs 303 Plan:

The Rs 303 offer, once paired with a Prime membership, which costs Rs 99 per year, is essentially the extension of the exact service that you get right now with Jio Happy New Year offer. As part of Happy New Year offer, consumers get free 1GB data at 4Gb speeds daily. They also get unlimited data at a lower speed (128kbps) once the 1GB 4G data has been exhausted. Then they get free VoLTE calls and free SMS. This is the same service users will get with Rs 303 plan. So if you like the what Jio offers right now, and if you deem its service worth paying for, this is the plan you should opt for.

Benefits of Jio Prime Membership:

  • Unlimited Voice Calls.
  • Unlimited SMS
  • 1GB/Day
  • Jio Apps Premium subscription
  • No Hidden charge and Black Out days

How to Register Jio Prime Membership Subscription?

You can register through online mode by visiting Jio website or My Jio Apps or else you can visit your nearest Jio Store for registration.

What if You don’t register for Jio Prime Plan?

Jio Prime is not a mandatory plan. You can avoid prime membership and continue number under general offering added under prepaid & postpaid tariff list in Jio website.

Jio Prime Plan in Details:

  • Jio Prime Plan activation charge: Rs 99 (One-time charge)
  • Monthly charge for Prime plan benefits: Rs 303
  • Jio Prime Validity: Till March 31st, 2018
  • Prime Benefits: Same as ‘Happy New Year Offer’
  • Prime Plan Registration open: Till March 31st, 2017
  • Registration process: Use Recharge option in MyJio app or Jio.com, Visit JioStore

Jio Prime against Airtel’s Rs 345 and Vodafone’s Rs 346 Plans:

Airtel and Vodafone launched two aggressive plans to match against Jio Prime. Airtel’s Rs 345 plan offers 28GB of high-speed data for 28 days. The FUP is set at 1GB but the users will be able to use only 500MB of data during the day, while the remaining 500MB can be used between 12 am to 6 am. For no limits on timings, users can go for Rs 549 recharge. Also, calls beyond the 1,200 bundled minutes will be charged at 30 paise per minute. This pack is available only for prepaid users.

Vodafone offers Rs 346 pack under which user gets 28GB of mobile data and unlimited free calls. FUP is 1GB per day and once the limit is reached, the user will be charged.

For Prime members, Jio at Rs 303 offers unlimited free voice calls, SMSes, Jio apps subscription, unlimited data and 28GB 4G data with FUP of 1GB per day. The pack is available for both post-paid and pre-paid Prime users.

The interesting bit here is that the Jio plans are available to all users. However, the Airtel and Vodafone plans, along with those offered by others, are only available to select users. It’s like a lottery. Some users get them, most don’t.


With the launch of ‘Jio dynamic tariff plans’, Rivals will end up in losing a massive monthly revenue in few days. If Jio launches dynamic plans as per announcement, then 2017-2018 year will create a history in ‘Telecom Industry of India’.

JIO DTH Dealership: Application Form, Apply Online and Contact Number.


Reliance Jio DTH dealership Apply Online will be made available right after the company publicly announce their DTH services. After the great success with JIO 4G, Reliance will be introducing two more services – FTTH Gigabit broadband services, and DTH Television services. The DTH Television Service will be offered to a few cities in the beginning before the major expansion all over the country.

The DTH service will also be quite a popular one with competitively priced plans and will also come with the welcome offer, allowing customers to view TV for free for a limited time before they actually have to pay anything.

How to get JIO DTH dealership and Distributorship?

Reliance will allow consumers to get access to the devices and the installation service from distributors and dealers. This will be required by Reliance to build their user base across India. Reliance Jio has set up Jio Centers that will allow willing entrepreneurs to start their own dealership as a Jio DTH Distributor.

You will have to fill in all your details in an online Franchise application form and then visit the centers with documents.

 Requirements for Dealership and Distributorship:

** A 250 square-foot area for the setup.

** A one-time refundable amount must be paid to Reliance Group The amount is either Rs. 15,000, Rs. 50,000 or Rs. 75,000.

** A capital amount of INR 2 Lakhs will be given to run the Jio DTH workstation.

** To run the office, at least 10 workers must be employed.

** The office should be well furnished. This will require an investment of at least 3 to 5 lakh rupees.

Details for JIO DTH Dealership:

1) Applicant Names

2) Applicants Address

3) Space Availability

4) Investment Capability

5) Shop or Office Address

6) District, City, and State

7) Any Experience in DTH Sector

8) Expected Sales in Region

Keep checking online for the availability of the distributorship or dealership application.

Reliance JIO Distributor Contact Number:

Applications/Registration open from 28th May 2017
Dealership Fee for JIO DTH Rs.50,000
Estimated Sales Revenues Rs.15 Lakhs Per Month
Jio DTH Dealership Contact Number 1860-893-3333

JIO Phone Pre-Booking and Free Offer 15 August 2017


After bringing JIO 4G to telecom sector, now Reliance has brought JIO Phone for Free.

Features of JIO Phone:

So, once you get to know the specification of Jio phone free offer 15 August 2017, you will be ensured that whatever you are going to get is indeed great. So, take a look!

  • The motto is to make digital india with this step. Another thing this phone will come with 4G feature.
  • Now for your emergency contacts, approaching them will be very easy as this phone comes with a special button called distress button, allowing you to text your emergency contacts simply by pressing this button
  • When it is about transactions, this phone has enabled features to do every form of transactions. Even when it is about ‘Jan Dhan’, you can easily link to that account
  • You will have free voice calls throughout your life. It is absolutely free for Jio phone users. But, if you are up for unlimited data plans, then you have to recharge with Rs. 153 every single month.
  • The features of this phone also include connectivity with your television. So, just get your Dhan Dhana Dhan recharge and you are free to watch internet videos for a number of hours
  • Phone will come with multiple language support, specially 22 language of India.
  • This phone also comes with a front camera, helping you to do video calls. With its QVGA screen and a size of 2.4 inches. NFC is also supported.

How to Get JIO Phone free offer 15 August 2017?

The testing process will start from 15th August onwards. It will be distributed in ‘first come first serve’ basis. You need to pre-book it in order to avail, which will commence from 24th August. All you need to do is visit Jio’s website, Jio app or any Reliance digital stores for pre-booking.

Although it is free, you have to pay an amount of Rs 1500 initially as a security amount, which you are supposed to get back to your account within 36 months.

Reliance JIO DTH Set Top Box: Booking Online and Registration Process.


After disrupting telecom sector with JIO 4G, Reliance is looking forward to launch DTH service, which can be availed by JIO DTH online booking. Besides DTH, Reliance has also got into the home broadband services sector and the services will be available in a month or two. But till now reliance haven’t made public announcements.

Here are the expected booking dates and price for JIO DTH:

Jio DTH expectedprice Rs 1800
Jio DTH Booking Online starts on Expected April 2017
Jio DTH Plan Pricing Starting at Rs 180
Jio DTH Launch date Expected May 2017
This is only the expected price and only includes the charge of set top box. However, this is an expected pricing as nothing is announced by Reliance officially. The DTH service is also expected to be available for free for the first few months just like the 4G services.

JIO DTH Set Box Specifications:

Reliance JIO set top box comes with an HDMI port for high definition televisions. There is no word yet on if more than two channel audio is supported. Also, the set top box comes with two USB ports and an Ethernet port besides the conventional coax cable port and the AV ports. The two USB ports are speculated for recording content and for viewing user media files. The Ethernet port may be used in future to distribute broadband connection which Reliance is testing at the moment.

You can view the channels list, the set top box, its features and performance, and most importantly, you can see the stream quality of Jio DTH first hand. The expected stream for JIO DTH is expected to be in 1080i.

Requirements for JIO DTH Booking Online:

The requirements for availing the Jio DTH service will be the same as Reliance Jio 4G services. For availing the services, you will need a government approved identification and a proof of your residential address. These include identification issued by UIDAI or the Election commission.

How to do JIO DTH Online Registrations?

JIO DTH booking will be different for Both Reliance JIO 4G service and for those also who don’t have JIO 4G service.

Without JIO 4G:

Reliance has not publicly announced the DTH service yet. Therefore, booking is not open yet. The JIO DTH Online Registration will open once the service it announced. During the JIO DTH Online Registration, you will have to fill in some basic details such as the plans you want to subscribe and your personal details. This will also include any identity document and document of address proof issued by the government

With JIO 4G:

Those who are already using Reliance Jio 4G services may not need to go through any more process in comparing to other users, it requires lesser documents and details. The JIO DTH online booking may or may not require you to pay the company for the service. Once your online booking is done, you will probably receive an email or text message as a reference. Then you can collect your set top box and dish antennae from a dealer or a Reliance Store.

JIO Dish TV Plans:

JIO DTH Basic Home Plan

JIO DTH Gold Plan

JIO Silver DTH Plan

JIO Platinum Plan for DTH

JIO DTH My Plans (customized according to the user’s choice)

Here is the list of packs that can be included in the different plans:

JIO DTH Pack Name Expected Price in Rupees
Normal Pack 49 to 55
All Spots Channels (in HD) 60 to 69
Value Prime Channels 120 to 150
Kids Channels 188 to 190
My Family Pack 200 to 250
My Plan 50 to 54
MY Sports 159 to 169
Big Ultra Pack 199 to 220
Metro Pack 199 to 250
Dhoom 99 to 109

Airtel starts digital customer care in 11 languages.


Airtel announced the launch of *121# Digital Care platform in 11 Indian languages, including Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil.

Airtel customers only simply need to dial *121# from their Airtel handset and they can get each and every information. No need to worry to call customer care and No need to visit Airtel store. Easily you can get all your Account related info on your hand just simply dial “*121#”.

Airtel users can access various services like mobile balance, last few transactions, activating or deactivating value-added services and much more.

Now this service will also be available in Kannada, Bangla, Odia and Assamese as well.

Recently, Airtel has over 275 million mobile customers across India, out of which 93.7 percent are only of prepaid users.

Like to read?

Airtel monsoon offer? 

Airtel Monsoon offer to be extended 30 GB 4G Data for 3 Months More


Airtel has announced a new Monsoon offer for their customers. The company has extended their previous offer to new monsoon offer. Airtel has already informed their subscriber about the new monsoon offer. The first offer that is “Holiday Offer” was introduced in the month of April and it was getting ended in June, but the company decided to extend the offer with new wording as “Monsoon Offer”.  Now it will continue for more 3 Months from July.

Under this Monsoon Surprise offer, Airtel is offering 10 GB 4G Data every month to their postpaid subscriber. You can avail this offer after 1 July 2017 and you can only avail this offer from My Airtel app.

The Move taken by Airtel can be seen comparing to other telecom companies also. Recently Vodafone has launched a new offer, where users will get 10GB data on cost of 1 GB data and BSNL launched “444” where users will get 4GB data for 90 days at very low price at 5 Rs per day.

How to Avail Airtel Monsoon Offer?

1) Go to My Airtel App on your Smartphone.

2) The application will show a message asking users to claim their surprise offer.

After clicking on the claim message that the app shows, you now need to tap on the message. Once you tap on the message notification, the application will take you to the page where you will be able to claim the surprise offer. After which you will automatically receive a message that each month you will get free 10GB of 4G data per month.

Airtel is trying hard to counter  Reliance Jio’s latest offer named as Jio Prime through which a user will get free unlimited calls, SMS and 1GB internet per day for Rs 303 per month.

This offer by Airtel seems to be a move to take on Reliance Jio, which has reportedly been testing Jio Fibre, a Fibernet broadband service in some major cities.