Mukesh Ambani’s JIO 4G feature phone will get lighter WhatsApp.

Mukesh Ambani’s JIO 4G feature phone will get lighter WhatsApp.

Will new feature of JIO 4G manage user for 3 Years?


Mukesh Ambani found a way to make a bridge between ultra-affordable phone JIO 4G and smartphones.

Ambani is reportedly in talks with the engineers of WhatsApp for a light-mode version of the popular messaging app for JioPhone, which will make its debut in September.

Why Is It Needed?

The JIO’s main point is of selling with an attractive price and with an affordable monthly plan of Rs. 153/-. But according to JP Morgan report says, it is not enough to keep user tied for 3 years.

The users will get bored with jio 4G phone, all they can do is only calls and some basic internet browsing. JIO want’s a differentiator for their JIO 4G phone so they used WhatsApp in JIO 4G phone.

It will have the first time when feature phones will incorporate the messaging service if the rumored WhatsApp version comes to JioPhone that has earlier exclusive to smartphone users.

With more than 200 million active daily users in India and more than a billion worldwide, WhatsApp could give Ambani’s JioPhone the heft it needs, especially when its competitors are already working on affordable Android-based smart feature phones – Idea’s Rs 2,500 and Intex’s Turbo+ 4G – that can support Facebook and WhatsApp.

Why only WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has become the best messaging app in India today. Even the most basic smartphone user knows enough to be able to send and receive messages and other content via WhatsApp. Mr. Ambani will keep having to turn new tricks a regular interval in order to keep people invested in Jio Phone for 3 long years.

Whether it will happen or not will have to see. The roads ahead for JIO feature phone will be difficult we can’t except the bed of roses for JIO phone.

Reliance JIO Messaging app: JIO Chat

JioChat, Reliance Jio own messaging service app that can have accessed by its 125 million customers. Currently over 200 million Indians and by bringing the service to JioPhone and it can add another 500 million feature phone users that have left out of the digital revolution.

The company has attracted several customers through its attractive it’s interesting data and call packs with the Jio debut in the Indian market in 2016.

WhatsApp also received a UPI license that allows it to start digital payments. Therefore, to entry level users, the feature phones can introduce the payment system.

Data usage per subscriber has risen over 20 fold in the past five years particularly after the roll out of available services by Reliance Jio.

Wrapping Up:

Now the question is will you make 3 years lock in period for JIO 4G phone? I know many of us will say “NO” as a lot of us have a habit of using smartphones but there are people who cannot afford smartphone for them it is a good choice to get the smartphone feature in JIO 4G.