How to Make Jio Phone Video Call – Jio Video Calling Process Guide

How to purchase Jio phone from Amazon
How to purchase Jio phone from Amazon

The point we are going to cover in this article: How to Make Jio Phone Video Call, How you can Perform Video Call from iPhone 1500, Make Jio Video Calls

When the world cheapest phone was launched at the price of Zero rupees, it not only surprised us but it stunned the whole world. We are so used to do everything on our android phone that we forget the old feature phones. But don’t misunderstand it as old Nokia feature phone, as it has more feature than any phone as have in this price range. You can also make video calling, here we are going to explain how to make jio phone video call?

When the phone was launched, it was shown live to millions of people how to make the video call, but most people missed it as they are just excited to know more and more about that phone. With VGA camera, most people don’t like to do a video call but it’s for those people who have never make a video call, they just want to know how to make a video call from Jio phone.

How to Do Jio Video Phone Calling?

The process is simple and effective, once you understand you call anyone who has a jio phone or even to those people who have a smartphone. This phone let you talk to other people face to face and at price of just 1500Rs which is like never before the offer.

Step by step Guide to Jio Phone Video Calling Process

  • you just need to take out your jio phone and open dialing pad
  • make sure you are connected to the internet first
  • then you need to dial to the person you want to make a video call with
  • once the call is connected, you can see many features on the screen like Mute, speaker and you will see video symbol on it.
  • when you click that symbol, it will send the notification to the person you have called
  • they will see the video call is ringing and they just need to pick up the phone and face the phone
  • now you can see each other, your video will be shown in the little box at right side at the end of the corner and you can see the full face of the person you have called on the screen
  • you can use earphone to call so that you can hear and talk with them clearly.

Jio Phone Video Call with Jio4G Voice App

You can make a video call from Jio4G voice app, you just need to download it from the bundle of application which comes with my jio. When you install it, you need to log in and you can use it to do video call.

Jio Phone Video Call with Jio Chat Application

Jio has introduced their own chatting app just like WhatsApp, so now you just need to download the app and log in. Then you can see all the people in your contact which have installed Jio chat app. You can choose any one of them and call them directly from the jio chat app. When the call is connected, you can change it to video call and talk to them face to face.

We hope this article is helpful to make a video call from your jio phone, if you, have any question, do let us know in the comment.