How to know my Jio number , Get your JIO number details

How to know my Jio number , Get your JIO number details

If you have a Jio number than you might probably wonder about your Jio number. You might want to know how to find your jio number? Then we can help you do that. There is more than one way to find your jio number and we will try to explain all of them.

When jio arrived, they break the monopoly of VIP number, so it’s like anyone could get any number. Before then we used to go the shop and find our favourite number which is easy to remember so that it would be easy to share, but when jio came, it would not be possible anymore.

That is why we often forget about our number and when its time to share our number, we would have to say we don’t remember, that would be embarrassing. Here we are sharing many ways you can find your jio number.

Know my jio number on the welcome kit

Nowadays when you purchase your Jio number, you can find you Jio number behind the package you receive which have manual and sim card in it. whenever you need to check your number, you can just look at the package and know it. but its hard to carry it around, so you need a better way to know your jio number.

Know my Jio number with Jio app

Its necessary to have Jio app always installed on your phone. It will help you check all the balance and how much data is left for the day. You can even recharge with it. you just need to open your jio app, go to the account and you will find your jio number under “jio number”. Its probably easiest way to do that and you don’t need to carry around your sim welcome kit anymore.

Know my Jio number with SMS

Just send SMS  Jio <IMEI>  to 199 if you are using your own Jio card or use 7021799999 for a non-Jio number from your mobile phone to Check Jio Number. It is useful when you don’t want to carry your welcome kit and if the internet is not available.

Know my Jio number with Jio website

If you don’t have internet or not able to send SMS, then you can just visit Jio website login to find out your Jio number easily

Know my Jio number from customer care

The last option is much more simpler, just call 198 which is universal customer care number and ask them for your number. You need to confirm it’s you by mentioning your name or your Aadhar card number or any proof you have given, but you will get your number.

You can also call anyone and ask them for your number, it’s better to save your own number on your phone so you don’t have to go through all of this again.

We hope this article would help you to know my Jio number. If you have any question, do let us know in the comments.

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