Android Go Based JioPhone 2 to Launch at Rs 1999

Jio Phone 2
Jio Phone 2

Jio phone is one of the most popular feature phones after Nokia. But Nokia was a top seller before android came and they just couldn’t survive in the market. Jio phone was launched in August 2017, when the android phone was cheap. But even with all the good feature of Jio phone, its still lack many features like WhatsApp and other. That is why They are going to launch Jio phone 2 soon to the market.

The main reason to be excited about Jio Phone 2 is, it will come with Android OS. Yes, finally Jio phone with android Oreo or android GO. There are rumoures that it will be launched soon in next month in April and we hope to see big changes in it.

Jio Phone
Jio Phone

Reliance has changed the Indian market way it works and the way it has looted their customer for years. With cheap and faster data, Jio rules the telecom. With JIo Phone, now it has become one of the biggest sellers in feature phone category. The new Jio phone will have some of the same characteristics with an added new feature which will convince the whole android using population to with their phone to JIo Phone 2.

Jio Phone was priced at 1500rs but initially its free and with offers like 49rs., it has become a best seller in the rural market. Jio Phone will be around 1999rs, a little bit pricey than older one but it will be free as well like before.

Jio Phone 2 features

Not much of detail came out yet, but so far we know that it will be same as Jio phone body vise. The phone will not be a touch and type based, rather it has similar screen and keyboard which is a T9 keypad. Jio Phone 2 will have both rear and front camera, the spec is not yet disclosed. To ensure the speed, Jio Phone 2 will have Qualcomm 205. One of the best thing as we mentioned before, Jio phone 2 will have Android Go and not like the old one which has KaiOS.

Jio Phone 2 launch date

Reliance has just made a press release about Jio prime membership is free for one more year and we hope, to add a cherry on the top, they will launch Jio Phone 2 in mid-April or end of the April. But as we know that its just a rumour and it could be wrong. Maybe dates are little far but the Jio will launch the Jio phone 2 soon.

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