Jio Phone Rs 49 Plan – Book JioPhone with 49 Rs Offer Plan

Jio Phone Rs 49 Plan – Book JioPhone with 49 Rs Offer Plan

Jio is winning hearts again all over India with their new 4G jio phone which comes at a surprisingly priced 0. Now they have stepped further to it by offering plans which we have seen never before by any telecom company. They are offering Jio phone Rs 49 plan, to book JioPhone with 49rs offer plan, check the article below.

What is Jio Rs49 plan?

We have come a long way from costly data recharge to the rs49 jio phone offer. There was a time when all of those company wouldn’t even give 1GB data for more than Rs 249 and now Jio is offering a Phone in RS 49. Here is the detailed plan for the Jio Rs 49 offer.

Rs 49


Validity: 28 days

Free voice calls

STD calling

Free Roaming

Unlimited Data

50 SMS

Jio Apps

Now let’s go into the detail, jio is offering a pack which is one of the most cheapest calling and internet pack in the history of our telecom network. We get unlimited calling, STD calling and Roaming. Remember that just 1 year ago, we have to recharge a different kind of pack for all of this and they don’t even offer anything free. There is still some telecom company which charges for roaming. We get unlimited data, which is 1 GB per day and then unlimited browsing at a lower speed. We get 50 SMS and Jio Apps. Now if you don’t know, in jio app, you can watch free movies, listen to free music, read the free newspaper, have a free cloud service and transfer money and many more features are available under one roof.

Now we know how useful this plan is, we can get a Jio phone from the Rs49 plan.

Book Jio Phone with 49 Rs offer plan

Most numbers of people own the new Jio lyf phone. If you didn’t, here is your chance to get it. basically, jio phone comes at the price of 0 Rs, yes it’s zero. For that, you need to visit nearby jio store or book your phone from here. You need to pay 1500rs first which is just a refundable fee which you get back after 36 months, so its free. You can get your phone with the Rs 49 offer and enjoy all the benefit we have mentioned above.

Jio other offers

Jio offered 153 offer for their Jio phone which is 4G Volte. Its also offer unlimited data and calling but the data cape is little higher than Rs 49 jio plan. With this offer, you can enjoy the faster internet and clear voice calling. You will get 1.5gb data per day and after that, you can enjoy unlimited internet with speed of 144Kbps.

With jio offering a new 4G phone with a price of Rs 49 which is included in the plan, it’s a no-brainer not to grab that offer. You can enjoy one of the fastest internets and with a phone which is more useful than any other smartphone with cheap price.

I hope this article shed a light on jio Phone Rs 49 offer, if you have any more question, do let us know in the comment.