Jio Phone Hotspot, WiFi & Whatsapp Feature

Jio Phone Hotspot, WiFi & Whatsapp Feature

JIO Phone FAQs 4G Volte Feature Phone: Finally, the wait for the 4G feature phone is over. The JIO Phone will be available for free but customers have to pay Rs 1500 refundable amount at the time of booking and The amount will be refunded after 3 years.  Beta testing will start from 15th August 2017 and available for every Indian customer from 23rd August 2017. Millions of Jio users have pre booked this feature phone to enjoy the seamless 4G experience and free voice calling facility.

So, if you haven’t yet bought JIO phone or you are planning to book one then it is important to see if it satisfies your needs first.

Many people still wonder about this cheapest phone that which apps will support on the phone? Will it have Wi-Fi connectivity? Hotspot feature or Not? So, in this post, we are going to unveil the details of JIO Phone hotspot functionality and how you can use its internet on other mobiles & laptops by tethering.

Will it Support Hotspot and Tethering?

Reliance JIO’S phone’s software does not come with support for the hotspot. Jio has clearly mentioned that – You will receive software upgrades on Jio phone and this will add some extra features in it. So there is still a possibility that Jio may roll out hotspot feature in coming days.

Will it Support Facebook and WhatsApp?

whatsapp not supported

The popular messenger app WhatsApp is unlikely to run on JIO Phones, at least initially. Reliance JIO has its own chat platform JIO Chat, may be the company wants to promote that. The phone, however, comes with other popular apps like YouTube and Facebook.

How to Use JIO phone Internet on PC and Laptop:

Although hotspot is not there, JIO mobile has USB 2.0 port and you can use media cable to connect it to laptop or desktop computers. With this way, you can easily share mobile internet on PC and enjoy the high-speed browsing.

In addition to this, JIO gives you Bluetooth 4.1 which you may use instead of the hotspot. The only downside is; you will not get super-fast net speed as Bluetooth connectivity is not as strong as a hotspot.

Does JIO Phone Support Wi-Fi?

Yes, JIO phone comes with built in Wi-Fi feature which enables you to connect to nearby wireless networks.

Plans Offered in with JIO Phone:

Rs 24 Unlimited 4G/Calls 2 Days
Rs 54 Unlimited 4G/Calls 1 Week
Rs 153 Unlimited 4G/Calls 28 Days