Jio Phone Facebook App Download APK – Install, Run & Use (Full Guide)

Jio Phone Facebook App Download APK – Install, Run & Use (Full Guide)

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Jio phone is one of the most cheapest and useful phones we have ever seen. With an offer from jio, you can call to anyone at anywhere for free and use internet for unlimited. But one thing we miss the most is to use Facebook on jio phone. So we are going to share how to install use Facebook APK on Jio phone.

How to use Facebook on Jio Phone?

Facebook has been used by over billion people around the world and not to surprise, Indian are the highest number of a Facebook user. We are using Facebook on our PC, mobile tablet and even when we have featured phone. Facebook APK was one of the most downloaded software even before.

So how can use download Facebook APK to jio phone and use it? it’s simple and doesn’t need much of your time.

First, we are going to explain how you can use it from Jio phone browser.

  • Open jio phone menu and the browser
  • Then write down or just
  • You will see the Facebook login page
  • Just write your username and password
  • Now you can simply surf the internet from your Jio phone

Jio Phone Facebook APK Download

If you want to use Facebook as an app in your Jio phone, then there is good news. Jio just announced on 14 February that they are going to collaborate with Facebook and launch the Facebook app for jio phone. Jio phone use KaiOS, which doesn’t support any other application rather than WhatsApp before but now they are launching Facebook app for Jio phone.

“Jio Phone is the world’s most affordable smartphone built with transformational technology especially for Indians to migrate from a feature phone to a smartphone. As promised, Jio Phone will be home to the world’s leading applications, starting with Facebook. Jio, the world’s largest mobile data network, is built to empower every Indian with the power of data and Jio Phone is an integral part of this Jio movement,” said Akash Ambani, Director, Jio.

It was said by Akash Ambani which is director of Jio, there was also an official statement by Facebook which said that they are offering Facebook app for the jio phone.

What is the feature of Facebook app for Jio phone

  • push notifications
  • video
  • external links
  • Jio Phone’s cursor function

How to download Facebook app for Jio

  • Open your jio phone menu
  • Go to the marketplace
  • You will find the Facebook app right in front
  • Download it
  • Log in to it with your username and password
  • Now you can use Facebook app on you jio phone

With Facebook interning to jio phone, we are expecting many more company to build an application for Jio phones, such as banking app for jio, Flipkart for jio, Gmail for jio and many more.

We hope this article helps you download and use Facebook app in your jio phone. If you have any more question, just hit us in the comment section, we are happy to help you.