Jio Phone Amazon Offer on Booking – Get Rs 50 Amazon Pay Cashback

Jio Phone Amazon Offer on Booking – Get Rs 50 Amazon Pay Cashback

Jio phone is now talk of the town. The “zero” rupees phone made a headline when it announces. First, they give away 6 months of free internet and now they give away the free phone. Mukesh Ambani dotted in his speech that it was the movement to make digital India. But you have to pay 1500rs first. What if we tell you that there is 50rs cash back? Yes, Amazon has offered Rs 50 cash back on Jio phone.

Jio phone is now available on Amazon and finally, people can get this phone easily. One of the best thing about Amazon is their discount and cash back offer. There is no discount or cashback on Jio phone all around the country because it’s a security deposit to reliance company, yet they are giving away rs 50 discount for those who bought it from Amazon.

Jio Phone Amazon Rs 50 Cashback Offer

Basically, it’s a cashback offer in Amazon while buying the Jio 4G phone. As we mentioned, there is no cash back offer at any place for Jio Phone, so it might be great offer you don’t want to miss.

How to get the benefit of jio Phone amazon rs 50 Cashback?

  • You need to have an Amazon account
  • You need to buy this product from Amazon pay to get discount.
  • You need to make a purchase, EMI and gift card won’t allow

What is Jio Phone amazon rs 50 cash back final date?

The offer still stands until the 31st March 2018. You need to purchase the phone before this date from Amazon to get a 50rs cash back for it.

How to purchase Jio phone from Amazon to get Rs 50 Cashback

  • You need to visit the Amazon page and log in with your ID
  • You need to find the phone, here is the link to Jio Phone
  • You need to purchase the phone
  • You need to pay them for your Amazon pay
  • If you don’t have any amazon pay money, you need to add it from your account
  • You need to add the exact amount as if you add more, the money will be stuck in the Amazon pay and you won’t get it back
  • Once you pay them with amazon pay, you need to wait for your phone
  • Once the phone arrives, your cash back will be added to your Amazon pay within 3 working business days.

Get Rs 50 CashBack on JioPhone Booking

So that is how you can get the Rs 50 discount from Amazon by purchasing your phone from amazon pay. You need to know that, your cashback in amazon pay can be only use to purchase things.

I hope this article is helpful to you. so did you get discount when you purchase the phone from Amazon? If you have any problems, do let us know in the comment.