Jio Payments Bank App Download – eKyc Verification, Online Money Transfer

Jio Payments Bank App Download – eKyc Verification, Online Money Transfer

Jio has been ruling the heart of the nation when they launch their service. Giving away 6 months of internet and calling is a brave move by jio which break the backbone of every single telecom network in India. And when they finally have to charge their user as per TRIA, they set the bar so low that no one can compete them. Now they are coming to the banking field with their app Jio payment bank app.

Jio now ruling the telecom market with their cheap schemes and telephone market by giving away 4G phone for 0 rupees. They have also entered DTH service and broadband service. It looks like they want to become the single largest company to rule the whole country market. With this app, they will unearth whole new game plan for us.

What is Jio payment bank app?

While other companies like Paytm have already launched their Paytm bank and an international giant company like Google have entered the market with their app TEZ. Reliance will introduce new banking platform call jio payment bank.

RBI has launched the guideline for this by mentioning app launch and what it would need to use this banking service. User need to

  • KYC
  • Form submission
  • Passport pictures
  • Banking detail
  • Aadhar card linking

As we know that last date for Aadhar card linking is 31st March 2018, but they will extend it and every new user of Jio payment bank will have to submit all those papers and do KYC to use this service.

When will Jio payment bank app be launched?

The new Jio payment bank app will be launched on play store on 14th March 2018. They get the green light from RBI and will officially launch their app soon. With their entry into this banking sector, we as a user are going to expect much better service and a great offer, just like they have done with all their product.

Where to download Jio payment bank app?

This app will be available on google play store and apple store as well. That mean iPhone and iOS user can download it and use it. they are also going to launch on window store. The Jio payment bank app will be available on every platform and they will also integrate it with their Jio Phone, so for the people who don’t have a smartphone can also use their services.

How to Open an account in Jio Payment Banks

The procedure to use the Jio payment bank is similar to other banking sector but much more easier and quicker. Here is how you can do it

  • You need to download Jio Payment Banks app on your phone
  • Then you need to sign up with your Jio number and confirm it by sending an OTP in your Jio number
  • Once you log in to their app, they will ask you to link your Aadhar
  • Once your Aadhar card is linked, you will need to do the physical
  • You need to set a date and timing for the KYC and verification
  • You can visit their store or once you set the date, their people will visit you and do the verification
  • You need to fill out the form and give your thumb impression, once they linked it to your Aadhar card, you are good to go
  • You also need to ask for your debit card and passbook and checkbook

What is the Interest Rate for Jio Payment Bank

Still, we haven’t got any information about their banking structure, but we get the news that they will give the best interest rate than any other bank. You can use their banking service with zero rupees minimum balance and doesn’t get charged for it. they are planning to give it away for the first 6 months for free but still, we haven’t heard in news.

Download Link of Jio Payments Bank APK

Now you know that how much useful and amazing their banking service can be, you would finding the link to that app. But as we mention that it’s yet to be launched, but keep a closer look at their play store account and you can use their other payment app, which they are going to close just after the Jio Payments Bank app launch.

We hope that this article is useful to you, if you have any more queries on the Jio Payments Bank, do let us know in the comment.