Jio Jivi Mobile 699 Buy Online Booking – Energy E3 with 2200 Cashback

Jio Jivi Mobile 699 Buy Online Booking – Energy E3 with 2200 Cashback

Did you hear about the new Jio cash back? They are offering Jio Jivi Mobile for 699rs only. Not its not like jio phone but its an actual android phone. Their new phone Energy E3 with 2200 cashback. Which mean you can get a new phone at price under 700rs. Let see how you can book Jio Jivi Mobile 699 with rs 2200 cash back.

Jio Jivi Mobile 699 Online Booking

There are so many phones that is launch last year. From iPhone to the free Jio Phone. But we never get an offer of cash back in that much amount which can give us a smartphone in rs 699. But Jivi is offering this discount with the collaboration of reliance jio team.

What is the Jio 2200 Cashback Offer on Jivi Mobile?

Once we heard this news, we need to find out every single thing to share with you. we need to be sure first and know all the detail before sharing it with our reader. Jio is offering cash back discount on all Jivi phone, here is the list.

Phone MRP MOP Jio Cashback Effective Price
Energy 3 Rs 3999 Rs 2899 Rs 2200 Rs 699
Energy E12 Rs 4899 Rs 3199 Rs 2200 Rs 999
Revolution TnT3 Rs 5499 Rs 4199 Rs 2200 Rs 1999
Prime P30 Rs 5499 Rs 3999 Rs 2200 Rs 1799
Prime P300 Rs 5599 Rs 4299 Rs 2200 Rs 2099
Prime P444 Rs 5999 Rs 4799 Rs 2200 Rs 2599

As you can see all this phone can get the discount, but over eyes stuck at the one of the cheapest one at price of 699rs. Which is the original price is around 4000 rupees, but with Jio cashback, you can get it for 699rs.

Jivi Energy 3 Mobile features

Jio 2200 Cashback offer which makes the Jivi Energy 3 phone cheapest of all has many great features like below.

Display 4-inch WGA Screen
Processor Quad-core
Operating System Android 7.0 Nougat
RAM 512 MB
Storage (Internal) 4 GB
Storage (External) 32 GB
Camera Rear 5 Megapixel with Flash
Camera Front 2 Megapixel
Battery 1800 mAh

Terms and Condition of the Jio 2200 Cashback Offer

As the price is low, there are some terms and conditions we need to look for before we jump into buying the phone.

  • The total of Rs 2200 is cash back amount which will be distributed between 44 vouchers of Rs
  • The 50rs voucher can be redeemed from my Jio app.
  • The last date to get this offer is 31st March 2018
  • You can redeem the voucher but one voucher at one time.
  • Voucher redeemed time is between 16th February 2018 and 31st May 2022, after the given date, your voucher will not be valid
  • Two or more offers cannot be clubbed together. This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other alternative offer or promotion of a similar nature.

Jio offer on Jivi Energy E3 4G Smartphone Registration

If you are looking forward to getting this phone but you couldn’t find the link anywhere, then here is the link to Jio offer on Jivi. Just visit this page and get your phone.

We hope that this article is useful to you, if you have any issue or question, you can ask us in the comment.