Jio Cloud App Download – JioCloud Offer, Get 40 GB Cloud Storage FREE

Jio Cloud App Download – JioCloud Offer, Get 40 GB Cloud Storage FREE

One thing is common for all of us is the shortage of storage. We take so many pictures every day and save them from the internet too. We have songs and movies and all the important documents but there is no space On the phone. That is why jio cloud could help you. here we are going into detail of Jio Cloud App Download in which Jio Cloud Offer 40 GB Cloud Storage FREE.

What is Jio cloud?

Jio is not only limited to calling and internet, there are so many features which is unused by us. Like Jio cloud feature. You can save your file in the jio cloud for as long as you wish. We know other cloud solution like Dropbox and google drive but they all have a limit of data we can use and charge us to save more. Jio cloud offer 40GB of space for free.

How to use Jio could app?

Jio cloud app came with the bundle of the app in my Jio. You can create an account with your Jio number and save your file directly from your phone. You can save

  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Movies and video
  • Documents
  • HD pictures
  • Files

Jio cloud offer 40GB could storage for free and it can be used by every jio user.

Features of Jio cloud app

Jio offers more than cloud storage, there is so many features which is paid everywhere else but not with Jio cloud.

  • Sync your phone storage with jio cloud at one tap, you can do it manually by selecting what file you want to upload into the jio cloud storage.
  • You can have clean, folder to folder wise space, just like your pc, which you can access anytime.
  • With just a few steps, you can access all file from Jio cloud to your PC.
  • Its password protected and you can remotely log out from any device.
  • You can access file online, in case of no internet
  • You can upload large size of the file, which means you can upload your movies or songs collection to it.
  • You can easily download it back to your mobile, it will be useful if you have sync all your folders and data with jio cloud so if your phone need to be reset, you can download all your important file.

Where to download Jio cloud app APK?

You can just visit google play store and download it, it will be available on android, windows, PC, iOS, Mac and even on iPhone. Here is the link to download Jio cloud app.

Why do you need to start using Jio cloud app?

First of all, it’s free. They gave 40GB of cloud storage just for free. Most people don’t know how to use it and that is why we are sharing this article, so you can use jio Cloud storage too. Its 40GB of storage, even google offer 15GB of data. Its more than enough and you don’t need to worry about your file goes missing even if your phone got lost or SD card crashed. It will be forever there and safe. So start using Jio Cloud now and save your self from all the unexpected data loss and save space on your Phone.

We hope this article helps you gain knowledge about Jio Cloud app. Have you used it? how was your experience? Do you recommend it to everyone? Share your views and question in the comment