IDEA 4G Basic Smartphone At Rs 2500/- Features, Price, and Booking.

IDEA 4G Basic Smartphone At Rs 2500/- Features, Price, and Booking.

Idea Cellular to launch its New 4G feature phone same like Reliance is launching its Jio Phone. Vodafone and Idea are in a way to launch India’s cheapest 4G smartphone as idea 4G VoLTE Phone.


Idea Cellular Launch Idea 4G VoLTE Phone:

Reliance plan to bring 2G feature phone users on the 4G network may be disrupted by Idea cellular. The idea is also planning to launch a cheap VoLTE phone, but with more features and freedom of choice.

Idea 4G Phone Feature:

Currently, there is not much detail about the Idea 4G phone but here are some details regarding 4G phone:

  • The phone will run on Android OS.
  • Phone will support 4G VoLTE
  • Phone will come with Touch Screen
  • Users will have choice to choose the operators
  • Will Support Facebook and WhatsApp.

Idea 4G Phone Release Date:

The idea is presently set to be acquired by Vodafone. The talks of the merger are in progress. The phone will probably be released after the merger. This will allow the device to have better network coverage. VoLTE is relatively new in the country and infrastructure still does not exist properly. However, most telecom operators are gearing up to provide VoLTE access in the urban regions.

It will still take a year to bring VoLTE coverage at par with 3G coverage nationwide. However, the phone will be released much before that. Idea Cellular is presently looking for the feature set that the phone will have, its feasibility and the entire payment model that is associated with procuring the phone. All in all, the phone will not be available before 2018.

Idea 4G Phone Booking:

It is expected like Jio Phone, Idea cellular will organize pre booking of this phone. Users have to register online to get this phone. No final date is said by Idea Cellular.

Idea Phone Price:

Idea plans to allow users to simply purchase at Rs. 2500. It will run on Android or any other forked version of Android that can run Android apps. Users will not be locked into using services from the operator only. Moreover, it may feature Wi-Fi connectivity.

Wrapping Up:

It is still early to compare both the phones. The idea is simple in talks regarding the phone. However, they will release Idea 4G VoLTE Phone eventually. This may also be a big competition for Reliance after the merger of Idea and Vodafone.