How to get a Duplicate Sim Card

How to get a Duplicate Sim Card

There are millions of smartphone being lost every day. We don’t care about it until we lost our phone. One thing we know for sure that, it’s not the value of the phone but the data in your sim card is important. We cannot lose that number and data which we collected over the year and not to mention the number we have given to other people. Here is the article which contains How to Get Duplicate SIM Card?

If you ever lost your phone, you know the hardship of it. you need to buy a new sim and call everyone who is important. Those who didn’t get hold of us would connect someone else for us. It’s a never-ending story. But when we can get a duplicate sim with the same number, we don’t need to worry about going through that trouble again.

Here is step by step guidance on how to get a duplicate sim

  1. Call customer care

The first thing you need to do is to call customer care. You can call them from the same service provider or they have another number which you can call and talk to them. You need to mention that your phone is lost and you need to block your sim card.

call customer care
call customer care
  1. Verification for blocking

When you want to block your sim card, it’s not that easy as if there is no verification method, everyone can block each other phone. They will ask your name, your address, what proof did you submit when you get that number, your last transaction, such as the last recharge, last call etc. once they get confirmed that it is your number which you need to block, they will send the request to block the number. It will take 10 to 15 for totally blocking that number. Now the person who has your number cannot use it as there will be no network in it.

  1. Documentation

You need to bring the same document to get the duplicate sim. It’s important that you take that proof. For example, nowadays everything is connected with Aadhar card, but if you have taken your old sim with your driving license, you need to bring your driving license to get a duplicate sim for the same number.

  1. Visiting store

You can visit your network provider store and mention them about the duplicate sim, they will check your number status, if they found its blocked and reason for it would be lost on stolen, they will proceed. You can also block your sim card from the store also.

  1. Submitting Form

You need to fill out a form with all the detail as mentioned in the form. Once you write it down, you need to attach the documents to it and your passport picture and give it to the customer care executive.

submitting form
submitting form
  1. Get duplicate sim

After the procedure is over and verification is completed and you submit the form, they will give you a new sim card with the same number. It will take few hours to get it activate.

I hope this article will be helpful to you, if you have any query, send it to the comment