How to Change JioFi Password – Step by Step Guide

How to Change JioFi Password – Step by Step Guide

Topics we are going to cover in this article: How to Change JioFi Password, step by Step Guide on JioFi2 & JioFi3 Wi-Fi Hotspot Password Change, How to Change Wi-Fi Password and SSID in Reliance JioFi2 and JioFi3 Device in Mobile – jiofi.local.html change password

How to Change JioFi Password – Step by Step

If you have a JioFi hotspot router then you would know how hard it is to change the password of JioFi. You cannot change it from the device and you cannot change it from your mobile phone even. So how to change JioFi password. We are going to share step by step guide JioFi password change which works on both JioFi 2 and JioFi3 as well.

Connect to your JioFi Hotspot

You can connect your JioFi device with two ways. One is from SSID and second is WPS button. Before you change your JioFi password, you need to connect to it.

Using SSID and Password

You will find the default SSID or the broadcast name of the router and the password on the device. When you purchase the device you will have the SSID and password in the box and you can connect it from your mobile or laptop with the SSID and password easily.

Using WPS

You will find the WPS button right on the device from which you can just push and access the internet. You can connect your window phone or laptop by selecting your JioFi name and then press the WPS button to access the internet. Whenever you cannot you JioFi and they ask for the password, you just need to press the WPS button and it will connect automatically.

On Android devices, you need to get to the Wi-Fi settings page and tap on WPS push button. Then, press the button on the JioFi device to connect it.

Open the settings page of the JioFi device

You need to go to your browser and then type or paste this address to connect to the JioFi setting page. This URL http://jiofi.local.html or take you to the setting page of JioFi device. You can change your JioFi setting form this page.

Log in to the device

You will be asked to log in to the setting page of JioFi. Both username and password would be same and in small letter and it will be “administration”.

Navigate to the Wi-Fi settings page

When you enter into the setting page on the left side you will find networking option. In which you can see SSID and security key and password. The first one will be the device name and then you can see the password easily. You can change this setting to change JioFi password easily.


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