How to Convert Airtel 3G SIM into 4G

How to Convert Airtel 3G SIM into 4G

Airtel has quite a turn around with their strong network, customer-oriented approach and greater coverage. But people are turning to them for a better 4G connectivity which is far more superior than other. If you are already using airtel sim, then you must upgrade it to 4G. in this article, we will share with you on How to Convert Airtel 3G SIM into 4G.

There are two ways to change your 3G sim to 4G, we will discuss both.

Convert Airtel 3G sim to 4G online

  • Visit the airtel 4G upgrade website
  • You will be asked to enter your mobile number to check your if you are 4G ready
  • After that, you have to wait for a couple of second and then they will show you the statistic on your device, your sim, and your plan, they will check and let you know that is it upgradable to 4G or not.
airtel 4G
airtel 4G
  • If it shows that all 3 are 4G ready, then you have to click on Request another SIM
  • You will be asked to fill in the detail to deliver the 4G sim
  • After the request in 48 to 72 hours, you will receive the new sim.

How to activate airtel new 4G sim?

  • Once you receive the new sim card, you need to send an SMS
  • The message will be SIM<20 digit SIM number> to 121, 20 digit sim number you will find behind your new sim.
  • You need to reply 1 to the message you received, after that, you will reactive a confirmation message.
  • Once your request has been sent, it will take few hours of transition. Once your current sim stops working, change to the new sim to activate 4G.

Upgrade airtel 3G sim to 4G from retail or airtel shop

  • You can visit nearby airtel shop or any mobile retail shop with your passport photo and identity proof.
  • You need to tell them that you need to upgrade to 4G
  • They will take all your documents and complete the paperwork and give you the new sim
  • It will take 12 to 24 hours of transition
  • After that, once the sim stops working, change to the new sim and enjoy Airtel 4G

Its simpler and easy, if your mobile device is 4G compatible, only than you can enjoy the 4G speed. If you need any more help, just call 121 to their customer support. If you have any more query about Airtel 3G to 4G, just send a comment.