Connect Jio Phone to TV, LCD, LED with Jio TV Cable or Jio Media Cable

Connect Jio Phone to TV, LCD, LED with Jio TV Cable or Jio Media Cable

The point we are going to cover in this article: How to Connect Jio Phone to TV, Buy Jio Media Cable, Connect Jio Phone To your LED TV, LCD, CRT TV.

How to Connect Jio Phone to LED TV?

When the Jio Phone was launched, no one knew that how much it going to change our way of watching TV. First of all, it has so many features which exceeded its popularity and to sell this for free is another milestone. Then you can join your Jio phone to Tv and watch free movies and serial with Jio TV. We are going to explain How to Connect Jio Phone to LED TV?

Connect your TV to your Jio Phone

So if you want to watch Live Tv or news or music video or movies, you just need to connect your Jio Phone to your LED TV first. To do that, you need a cabal which connects the TV and Jio Phone. After that, you need to follow this process

  • Connect your Phone to the USB charger Port and connect the other side with Jio media cable
  • Then you need to connect the Jio media cable port to the tv.
  • As you can see there is Three cable which is on the TV, you need to join them with the Jio media cable
  • After that, you need to open your jio phone and the application Jio TV
  • Then you need to choose the Device you are connected to like LED or LCD
  • Once you get connected, open the Jio Tv app and select any movie or channel
  • Meanwhile selecting the HDMI option in the TV show it will show the Jio Icon
  • Tv won’t start until you play any movie on the Jio phone
  • Now open the movie and hit the Play button
  • It will load for 10 seconds, depending on your net speed and then start streaming live from your mobile to your tv

Isn’t it easy? You just need to find the cable first as it won’t work without Jio media cable.

Where to Buy Jio media cable to connect Jio phone to the TV?

If you are looking to buy the Jio media cable, then you won’t be able to find it easily. They have said that on their website that you need to purchase jio media cable extra as it won’t contain the Jio phone Box. The cable is important and without it, you won’t be able to use the Tv to connect it to your Jio phone.

Order Jio Media cable and connect Jio Phone to your TV

We didn’t find any place where you can get this cable, however, you can visit a nearby store and ask them about the cable or call the customer care and inquire about it. till now, we don’t have any information regarding where to buy Jio media cable.

We hope this article helps you connect your jio phone to your TV. If you have any more question, do let us know in the comment.