Activate Jio Phone WiFi HotSpot – Enable HotSpot Settings in JioPhone

Activate Jio Phone WiFi HotSpot – Enable HotSpot Settings in JioPhone

Topics we are going to cover in this article: Enable Hotspot Settings in Jio Phone, How to turn ON Hotspot in Jio 1500 Phone, Steps to Activate Hotspot in Jio Feature Phone 1500

Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot

When the Jio phone was launched, it came with feature like free internet and calling with lots of advance feature on the phone. Most people who don’t have the smartphone bought this phone. One of the main reason people have bought Jio Phone is, they want to use it as WIFI. Connect their device with Jio Phone and use the free internet. We will share how you can activate Jio phone Wi-Fi Hotspot?

How to Activate Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot?

You can activate WIFI Hotspot in your Jio phone and its true. Most people don’t know how to do it, so they don’t get the benefit of this trick. It’s just simple methodical work in which you need to activate few settings in order to activate Jio Phone WIFI Hotspot.

How to turn on the Hotspot in Jio Phone?

To use this internet from Jio phone, you need to turn the WIFI hotspot and connect another device to it. for that, you need to go the settings and follow the instruction

  • Go to the setting
  • Find the Bluetooth and hotspot tethering
  • You need to go into that menu
  • Then you need to find the Hotspot menu
  • Once you locate the hotspot menu, you need to open and activate it.
  • You will be asked to set up the hotspot name and password.
  • Once you did that, find another phone, open their wifi and find your Jio phone’s Hotspot and connect to it.

If you did that, you can use WIFI from your Jio phone, however, most people have a complaint that, they cannot find Hotspot in Bluetooth menu, that is why people have been searching for so long to understand where to find the Hotspot menu.

Easy Steps to Activate Wi-Fi Hotspot in Jio Phone

If this trick doesn’t work on your Jio phone, that means you have got an updated version of Jio phone. At first, they let the user, use the WIFI and hotspot, now they just let you use WIFI only. But what about using the Hotspot for another mobile, we have a trick for that too.

You just need to do this steps to activate your Hotspot In Jio Phone

  • You need to open the setting menu on your Jio phone and find Bluetooth.
  • Once you go to the Bluetooth, you need to set it visible to all and turn it on.
  • Then you need to find another device and connect them together with Bluetooth.
  • Once they get to connect, you need to open the Bluetooth setting on your other phone, click on your Jio phone name and you will find a checkbox which said “Internet access”
  • Once you did that, you can use Jio Phones WIFI as Hotspot on another phone.

You might be thinking, how can you use internet from Bluetooth, but it’s not only us, there are many people who use this trick and they can use the internet from their Jio phone.

If you don’t find the internet access on your Phone while you connect Bluetooth, that means your phone is not capable of doing that. Some phone doesn’t have much use of Bluetooth and they don’t add a much more advanced setting to it. that is why many people don’t find that option.

We hope this article is helpful to you and if you have any question, do let us know in the comment.