How to activate Jio Caller Tune for free

How to activate Jio Caller Tune for free

How to activate Jio Caller Tune for free

Now a day everyone wants to set a caller tune so that the dialer can listen to a song instead of Default tring tring sound. If you are a Jio User and if you don’t know how to set caller tune than you don’t need to worry, I will help you out. And you can almost set the tune for free.

For almost a year JIO offered its unlimited free services to all its users. In that free services, setting a caller tune to our Jio number is also one.

There are two ways to set caller tune in Jio.

  • Through Message Service
  • Through JIO Music App

Method 1: Caller tune through the message.

Step 1: Go to the message app, and type “JT” without quotation in capital letters.

Step 2: Now send the message to “56789” and then you will receive a message from JIO care.

If you want to specify your favorite song then write as follow:

MOVIE <movie Name> send it to 56789

SINGER <singer Name> send it to 56789

ALBUM <Album Name> send it to 56789

  • Then again you will receive a message with the full song list.
  • Just select the number and reply
  • You will get another confirmation message and you have to reply with “Y”
  • Now you will get a final confirmation message of Activation of free caller tune for 30 days.

Method 2: Through Music App

  • Install Jio Music App & then Sign in your account
  • Check out latest movie & select a song of your choice
  • Now click on “set as caller tune” option
  • That’s it; you will get Jio Tunes activation SMS.

How to Deactivate CallerTune in Jio Sim:

  1. To Stop Or Deactivate The Caller Tune Service Simply Send “STOP” To 56789
  2. Your Jio Caller Tunes Will be Deactivated Shortly.
  3. If You Want To Again Activate Than DO Above Process Again To Get It back.