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All mobile numbers to have 13 digits From July 1, 2018 in India

All mobile numbers to have 13 digits From July 1, 2018 in India
All mobile numbers to have 13 digits From July 1, 2018 in India

Yes, you heard it right. From July 1, we will have 13 digits mobile number in India. The Department of Telecom (DoT) has issued an instruction to all telecom company to have 13 digit mobile number. Even if we think 13 is an unlucky number, it better for the security reasons. That is why the government is working harder and set a goal for All mobile numbers to have 13 digits From July 1, 2018, in India.

These have been so many speculations on how to make a better and security number to use by every single Indian and finally, they have a solution which will be starting to establish on July 1. It’s for the M2M device and right now they didn’t say anything about regular numbers.

The existing 10 digits mobile number user will start to immigrated to 13 digit number from October and all new sim will have 13 digit number from July. The government has issued a deadline of 31st December 2018. Till then all the M2M 10 digit, the mobile number will be changed to 13 digits.

As soon as the news came out rumors have started to begin, but soon they issued a statement on it saying it will affect only M2M sim card. Now M2M sim card is mobile to machine sim card. Which is generally use in swiping device and wireless hotspot.

One month ago Department of Telecom has suggested changing all the M2M sim number to 13 digits for security purpose as those devices are easy to crack and higher chance to get hacked. These devices are cellular network operated remoted devices and with this 13 digit numbers, they will just add an extra layer of security to it.

The rumor of change all mobile number in India spread like a wildfire and then DoT has issued another notice that its only for M2M devices. Which mean a normal mobile number like ours won’t get affected by this one.

All the current M2M numbers will be ported to 13 digit number. Those M2M sim cards are mostly used in Wi-Fi hotspot and another industrial device is which is supported by the internet of things. Now after this, they will follow 13 digit protocol henceforward.

13 digit number for M2M
13 digit number for M2M

If you heard any rumors about changing every Indian number to 13 digits, then it’s wrong. These M2M devices are not the worries of normal people, but rather the telecom company, who now need to start rolling 13 digits mobile number for every new M2m sim card.

How to Make JIO Video Calls

JIO 4G voice call

No one can disagree with the fact that JIO changed everything in Indian telecom market. Empowering its user with cheap internet rate and highspeed data, taking us to the next level. they offer high-quality audio call which is the most useful thing for everyone but more than that, they are offering HD video call as well. In this article, we will be sharing how to make JIO video call.

Now making a call from JIO sim card is easy, but to make a video call is something we never did. One of the main reason would be, no one ever offers us video calling option directly from the phone. Now if you have VoLTE 4G phone than the process is simple, but if you have 2G/3G or even 4G phone without the VoLTE, you need something else. Here are the steps.

How to Make JIO video calls from Phone

If you have a VoLTE phone than the process is easy.

  1. Open your dialing pad
  2. Dial the number you want to call

    HD video call from JIO
    HD video call from JIO
  3. One you dialed the number, your screen will show some option like, mute and speaker, you will find video option there, you need to click on it.
  4. Once you click on it, you will be connected with HD video calling to the other person and you can make a video call.

The procedure to make a video call with JIO number from a 4G VoLTE Phone is fairly easy and straightforward. But if you don’t find that option, it means your phone does not support that feature. That is when you need JIO 4G voice app.

How to make JIO video call with JIO 4G voice app?

  1. You need to download the JIO 4G voice app
  2. Its totally free and you can install it in a minute, now open the dial pad in it.
  3. Then you can dial a number to who you need to make a video call.
  4. Then you can place video call and now you can talk directly to them face to face
JIO-4G voice app
JIO-4G voice app

learn How to install JIO 4G app in your device

One of the most useful things is, this app has so many features like location sharing and chatting, you can use it for that too. Video call is always fun, and you can talk to your old friend or your family member when you miss them. It was never that easy before because, before JIO 4G voice app, we need to rely on a third-party app, but now this app you can make video call directly without any fuss or hassle.

I hope this article is helpful to you, if you are having any problem making a video call from your JIO sim card, do let us know in comments.

How to Check All Mobile IMEI Number: Android, iPhone and USSD

how to check all IMEI numbers
how to check all IMEI numbers

People don’t value things until they lost it. its true and you only realize it when you lost your new phone. You forget to note your IMEI number which is the key to lock your phone or tracks it. that is why today we will discuss How to Check All Mobile IMEI Number Check USSD Codes?

What is IMEI number?

IMEI full form stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, it means it’s a unique identification number just for your phone. Every phone has different IMEI number and that is why it’s useful.

When you lost your phone and contact your phone company, they will ask for IMEI number and then block the phone. It means even if that person who stole your phone can able to unlock it, they won’t be able to use any network service. If you lodge an FIR at the police station on a lost phone, they will ask first of your IMEI number, so now you understand how important it is to know your IMEI number.

How to find IMEI number on your phone?

You can check IMEI number on your phone even if its iPhone or Android. Here is how to find out on a different phone.

How to find IMEI number on android?

If you have an Android smartphone, then you can simply check it in the settings.

  1. Open the setting on your phone.
  2. Go to the about phone at the end of the list
  3. Open the “Status”
  4. Now you can find out at the end of that page.

How to find IMEI number with google dashboard in android?

Do you know that you don’t even need your phone to know your IMEI number? When you are using android, google will take care of everything. Here is how you can find out.

  1. Open Google on your PC or other phone
  2. Sign in to your google account.
  3. Now go to the google dashboard
  4. Look for the “android” in it.
  5. When you open the android section, you will see all the phone you have sign in to your Google account once.
  6. Find your device and you will know your IMEI number in it.
IMEI from Google-Dashboard
IMEI from Google-Dashboard

How to find IMEI number on your iPhone?

When you are using iPhone, you don’t have any help from Google as they won’t save your device detail. Here is how you can find out your IMEI number in iPhone.

  1. You need to take out your sim card tray, you will find the IMEI number written on the tray, its just for old iPhone user who still has 3G, 3GS, 4 or 4s
  2. Find your IMEI number in iPhone setting.
  • Open your setting on your iPhone.
  • Now go to the “General”
  • Scroll down until you find out your IMEI number
  1. Find out your IMEI number in iPhone using iTunes
  • Connect your phone to pc and open iTunes in it.
  • Now go my device and select your Phone
  • click on the “summary” tab
  • Now open the phone number in the in there, this is where you can find your iPhone IMEI number
  1. If you are using iPhone 5, 5s, 5c or above, you can find out your IMEI number at the back of your phone. Where it was written iPhone and other stuff
Iphone IMEI number on the back
Iphone IMEI number on the back
  1. When you restart your iPhone and you see the word hello on the screen, you will find a symbol of ! on the right side. Click on it and you will know your IMEI number.

How to Find out IMEI number on your Windows phone?

Most people don’t use windows phone, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to know. Here is how

  • Open setting is on your window phone
  • Now go to the system
  • Open the about in there
  • Now there is many more information about your phone, just click on more information to know your IMEI number

You can use this technic to find out your IMEI number in all different phone, but there is one way you can see your IMEI number too.

How to find IMEI number on all phone?

  • You just need to open your dialing pad and write down USSD code *#06# and you will get your IMEI
  • You can check your box from where you get your phone, they have listed all the information about your phone including your IMEI number.
  • If you have removable battery on your Phone than you can remove the battery and you will find the IMEI number written on the back of your phone.

In this post, we have shared how to find IMEI number on all different phone and platform. If its useful to you or if you didn’t understand something, do let us know.


How to Port a mobile SIM to Other Network


For many years we have been using the same number even if it had network issues, not a good recharge scheme and even if their customer care doesn’t even help us in trouble. Just because changing your network means changing your number. With MNP (mobile number portability) now we have the freedom to change network provider. In this article, we will share with you how to port a mobile number to other network.

Who is eligible to port their number?

  • The number needs to be active at least 90 days before porting request.
  • There must be no due payment on the number if the number has existing bills to pay, then they are not eligible until they clear all dues.
  • The number will be changed in the same telecom circle, it means if you are from Punjab then you cannot port your number to Maharashtra.
  • There must be no credit taken on the number, such as balance loan on the prepaid number, you recharge first and clear all the credit, then you can change the network.

Once you know that you are eligible for porting, you can visit the website of your new network, check their tariff plans and data plans. If you travel outside your state, you need to check their roaming plan as well. Here is the list of websites you can try.


When you know that which company you are choosing, you need to call them and ask for the procedure and special offers. They will suggest sending the port message and give them the UPC (Unique Porting Code), but if you ask for a better offer, they will surely comply and give you one which is not listed on their website.

How to Port a mobile sim to other network?

  • You need to send an SMS from your number to 1900, the SMS will be,
    PORT<Space>Mobile Number to 1900
  • Once you send the message, you will receive the UPC code, you will also get an SMS telling the timeline of its expiry date.
  • You need to visit your network operator shop with the following documents
  1. Passport size picture (1 or 2, its depend on the company)
  2. Address proof, such as Aadhar card, ration card, election card, driving license.
  3. If you are taking a postpaid card and you are not living in the same city as it mentions in your address proof, you can submit, rent agreement, electricity bill.
  • Once the documentation is over, you will receive a sim card.
  • You will be charged 19rs for sim and it may be varied per network you choose.
  • Your current card will be still operating, it will take 7 days to port.
  • During the 7 days, you will be updated of your port required by the network you have port
  • Once your current sim card stops working, you can change it to new sim card which has been given to you.
  • It will take 2 hours for transformation, during those 2 hours your number will be stopped to receive any call or messages. Once it’s activated, you have successfully ported to another network.

Important note

  • You can send porting message to 1900 except the Jammu and Kashmir.
  • It will take 15 days for Jammu & Kashmir, Assam, and North East, not 7 days like in other state.
  • The process and delay are because of the security reason and neither your current operator or new could change it.
  • You can withdraw your porting request within 24 hours of sending the message to 1900

This process is fairly easy and doesn’t require much of your time. You can ask your future network to collect your documents from your home and office and they will surely do that, if not then you need to visit their store. If you have any question regarding Porting to another network, you can ask us in the comment.

How to Convert Airtel 3G SIM into 4G

airtel-4g sim upgrade

Airtel has quite a turn around with their strong network, customer-oriented approach and greater coverage. But people are turning to them for a better 4G connectivity which is far more superior than other. If you are already using airtel sim, then you must upgrade it to 4G. in this article, we will share with you on How to Convert Airtel 3G SIM into 4G.

There are two ways to change your 3G sim to 4G, we will discuss both.

Convert Airtel 3G sim to 4G online

  • Visit the airtel 4G upgrade website
  • You will be asked to enter your mobile number to check your if you are 4G ready
  • After that, you have to wait for a couple of second and then they will show you the statistic on your device, your sim, and your plan, they will check and let you know that is it upgradable to 4G or not.
airtel 4G
airtel 4G
  • If it shows that all 3 are 4G ready, then you have to click on Request another SIM
  • You will be asked to fill in the detail to deliver the 4G sim
  • After the request in 48 to 72 hours, you will receive the new sim.

How to activate airtel new 4G sim?

  • Once you receive the new sim card, you need to send an SMS
  • The message will be SIM<20 digit SIM number> to 121, 20 digit sim number you will find behind your new sim.
  • You need to reply 1 to the message you received, after that, you will reactive a confirmation message.
  • Once your request has been sent, it will take few hours of transition. Once your current sim stops working, change to the new sim to activate 4G.

Upgrade airtel 3G sim to 4G from retail or airtel shop

  • You can visit nearby airtel shop or any mobile retail shop with your passport photo and identity proof.
  • You need to tell them that you need to upgrade to 4G
  • They will take all your documents and complete the paperwork and give you the new sim
  • It will take 12 to 24 hours of transition
  • After that, once the sim stops working, change to the new sim and enjoy Airtel 4G

Its simpler and easy, if your mobile device is 4G compatible, only than you can enjoy the 4G speed. If you need any more help, just call 121 to their customer support. If you have any more query about Airtel 3G to 4G, just send a comment.

Reliance JioFiber Could Launch In March : plans and detail


He came, he saw, and he conquers, this is well established for Mukesh Ambani’s Jio. They change the whole scenario of Indian internet market by giving away free internet for 6 months. Then start charging at a minimal price, forcing its competitors to lower the price and now they are entering broadband service with Jiofiber which could launch in March.

One thing we know for sure that, jio could dominate any market with their price and service. Once upon a time when we try not to burn out 1GB in one month and now we get 1GB per day at the same price. This is why the news of Mukesh Ambani entering broadband market spread like wildfire.


Jiofiber Launch city-wise

News came that jio may launch their broadband service jiofiber from march. They have already started their initial stage of testing in Chennai and now they are going to launch in few cities first. The cities where now people will get high-speed broadband at maybe the lowest price of all time are Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Jamnagar.

As we mentioned above, all those cities get to experience the Jiofiber first and then gradually they will cover the whole country. One of the big news is coming out that they are offering 100gb at 100mbps at free for first 3 month. This preview offer can be varied and jiofiber may charge the installation charges. The beta user might get extended offer as they have done with jio.

Jio is offering fiber to home based broad band service and its been year since we are hearing all the news about it. as the report from telco, they are planning to expand to 30 cities till the 2018 ends. With a great price and high-speed internet, jio will be leading the chart with highest number of connection.

Jiofiber with Jio tv

Reliance jio have far better vision than any other telecom company. Basically they want to start their own tv service which is bundle offer with jiofiber. India have more than 100million tv connections and jio is looking to get all of them.

Now with high-speed jiofiber, people can stream tv 4K content too. user can connect more than one device with this and enjoy it. jio DTH service can offer more than 360 channels and seven day catch up option might be introduced as well.

Jiofiber speed based Monthly plan

Jio Fiber Plans Speed Mbps Data Limit Plan Price Validity
Jio Fiber 50 Mbps Plan 50 2000 GB Rs. 1500 30 days
Jio Fiber 100 Mbps Plan 100 1000 GB Rs. 2000 30 days
Jio Fiber 200 Mbps Plan 200 750 GB Rs. 3500 30 days
Jio Fiber 400 Mbps Plan 400 500 GB Rs. 4000 30 days
Jio Fiber 600 Mbps Plan 600 300 GB Rs. 5500 30 days


Jiofiber volume based data plan 

Per day data usage Speed Plan Price Validity
5 GB daily plan Unlimited Rs. 1000 30 days
10 GB daily plan Unlimited Rs. 2000 30 days
20 GB daily plan Unlimited Rs. 3000 30 days
40 GB daily plan Unlimited Rs. 4000 30 days
60 GB daily plan Unlimited Rs. 5000 30 days



To apply for jiofiber, we need to wait till official announcement. It will be a great way to enjoy the high-speed jiofiber internet and everyone is eager to get one.

All Mobile Network PUK codes

PUK code
PUK code

PUK or Personal Unblocking Key is code to unblock your phone when its blocked and saying enter PUK code. We all have been into that situation once or many time when accidently we did something and suddenly it locked. Screen will show a message which is written please enter PUK code.

Now the problem is, when you see this message first time ever, then you would have thought it would be your password and you enter it. If you enter wrong PUK number 3 time than your sim will be blocked (attempts to enter PUK code will be different from every network) and you had to visit nearby customer support. So, whenever you see that your phone is locked and asking for PUK number, don’t enter wrong PUK number.

There are different ways to get this PUK number for every other network. We will share how to find PUK number for your mobile network.


These problems occur most of the time and if you have a Vodafone number than you can get your Vodafone PUK number by two different ways.

  1. You need to dial *111*2*6#, it’s a USSD code to get your PUK. You need to enter your mobile number to get your PUK code.
  2. You can call their customer care number from another Vodafone number and asked for your PUK code. They will ask some simple question and once they verified, you will get your Vodafone PUK code.


To know your airtel PUK number, you need to call their customer care number @121 and ask for your PUK number. You need to call it from different airtel number. They will ask for your verification like the number of your Aadhar card etc. after that you will get the PUK number.


If your Aircel number is locked and asked you to enter your Aircel PUK code than you can call their customer care number from different Aircel number and ask for PUK number, you will be asked few question and then they will provide your Aircel PUK number to you. You need to enter that PUK number in to your phone and unblocked it. Or you can SMS PUK to 121.


If you need your idea PUK number than you can get it two different ways,

  1. You can visit idea website and get your PUK number. You need to log in by registering your idea number. You will find PUK Retrieval from my idea page. That is where you can see your number and your PUK number.
  2. You can call idea customer care number and ask for your PUK number.


When your BSNL number is locked and asking for PUK code than you can just call their customer care number 1503 or 1800-180-1503 from other numbers. You need to verify about your number and they will ask some question. After that you will get your BSNL PUK code which you can enter your phone to unlock it. Make sure that you don’t enter wrong PUK number, otherwise your number will be blocked, and you need to visit their store to unlock it.

You can send SMS with PUK your sim number to 53733 from another number and get your BSNL PUK code. You can find your sim number behind your sim card.


If your Docomo number is locked and asking for PUK number than you can call their customer care number on 121 and ask for your BSNL PUK code.


If your reliance GSM or CDMA phone asking for PUK number than you can call their customer care number on 198 and ask for your PUK number. They will ask information about you and then provide the Reliance PUK number.

Reliance Jio

If your Jio number is showing message on the screen like PUK code than do not enter your mobile password. You need to call Jio customer care from other jio number, which you can find it in your Jio app. They will ask some information like your home address or your Aadhar card number to know that its your number or not and then give you the Jio PUK code.


If you are looking for your Telenor PUK code than you need to call Telenor customer care number and ask for the PUK number.



Vodafone USSD Code: Check Balance and Data Directly from your Vodafone Number


Most of the time when we get into trouble like internet slowing down or phone call cut down in middle of the conversation, we rush towards our dialing pad and dial those magic numbers. We get instant message of our balance and data balance. Those numbers are called USSD and we will share all the Vodafone USSD code which might get handy for you.

What is USSD and Code and How it can help us?

USSD code or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data code is series of number which we put into our dialing pad. They start with “*” and end with “#”. Its and instant messing and basically a computer response to every query asked by user.

Most of the time user doesn’t know much about USSD and they just use it to know their Vodafone balance or Vodafone data balance. But there are so many features it has which make our life little bit easier. In this post will share all types of Vodafone USSD code which might be useful for you.

USSD Codes Functions
*141# Vodafone balance
*111*6# Vodafone data balance
*145# Vodafone call balance
*148# Vodafone minutes balance
*111*6# Vodafone data balance
*141*9# Vodafone 2G balance
*123*8# Vodafone Night GPRS balance
*111*2# or *8888# or 164 Vodafone Number (Know Own No)
*145# Vodafone Special Tariff packs
*111*6*1# Vodafone Data Plans Activation
*111*11# Account Information Update
*123*2# Activate Vodafone Value Combo
1909 Vodafone DND
*123# Vodafone Alerts
5525 or 54206090 Vodafone Hello Tunes
*147# Vodafone to Vodafone Night Minutes
*157# Night Minutes
121 Vodafone latest Offer
*121# Vodafone Special Offers
*123*1# Movie Masala Alerts
*111*6*2# Usage Allowance Details
*111*7# Vodafone Bonus Card
*111*1# Vodafone Delights
111 or 9400024365 Vodafone Customer care
198 Vodafone Complaint Number


If you have a Vodafone number than you can just download their Android or iOS app and get all the necessary information from there. You just need to download the My Vodafone app and register with your number. Than you can access all the information and data about your number. Here is the screenshot of My Vodafone app.


Find Telenor Best Offer with this USSD Code


Telenor is one of the fastest growing telecom company which is formally known as Uninor. They have one of the best calling plans and data plans, but do you know how to find those plans? You can call their customer care and they will tell you one of the few plans. But if you know certain Telenor USSD code, then you can find out yourself. Today we will be sharing all the Telenor USSD code.

How USSD Code work?

USSD which is short form of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is an instant messaging service. This service will help you with your query and give you the information. To use it, you need to open your Dialpad and type down the Telenor USSD code which is start with “*” and finish with “#”. Those numbers are easy to remember, and they will give you information like your account balance, data balance, validity etc.

There are so many USSD code for Telenor no one knows about. Special calling offer and data offer which you can find out and the special offer which is only for you. Till now you have been missed out of the all information but now you can use this Telenor USSD code. These are all the USSD code which is useful for Telenor customer.

USSD Code Service
*121# Check My Account, Current Plan Scheme, Offers & Other Services
*363*4# Check Main Balance & Validity
*222*2# Balance Check
*222*4# Check your Mobile Number & Activation Date of Sim Card
*222*Pin number# Recharge your Mobile Number
*555# Latest Offers
*123# Check USSD Codes of Balance Validity Mobile Number, Recharge Code
121 Customer Care Number
198 Complaint Number
*234# Latest Offers
*222*4# Check SIM Card Number
*912*Voucher No# Credit Recharge Over USSD Service in Roaming


Here is the full list of Telenor, if you want to check all the data in its Telenor Android app. You can search for every special offer and data offer and you can also find your balance and data balance information.


All MTS USSD Code: Check balance and Data


USSD codes are something which might get useful for anyone. These are small set of number which is used to get information about your number. Most people who have MTS connection are total lost when they want to check their balance or any other service. These little code is quick guide for all the information of your MTS number.

Basically, we use this code when we need emergency balance in our phone or we need information of our last call or others. This MTS USSD code can solve all your queries and give you the instant result.

How USSD work?

USSD is an instant messaging service between user and its service provider network. It’s a computer-generated reply which help them find all the information they are looking for. USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is also known as quick code, as it delivers and receive message quickly.

In this post, we will share all the MTS USSD code which can help you find your mobile balance, data balance, nearest MTS Store and others. Here is the list.

Features USSD number
MTS Main Balance Check USSD code *123# or *225# or *212#
MTS data balance USSD code *109*210#
MTS customer care Number 191 or 125
MTS Data Card Customer Miss Call 8432384323
MTS DATA Card Balance Check Number 9875054321
MTS email support mum@mtsindia.in
know your MTS mobile number Type NUM and send SMS to 51230


These are the USSD code for the MTS mobile user. You can use them when you need to check any of the service mentioned above. The company has been Defunct since 31 October 2017, for more information visit this Wikipedia page.